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The band's name is inspired by bandleader Michael Cerda's home, just outside of San Francisco. It is indeed a yellow house. But it's not really the physical house that has the meaning; rather it's the essence of it. That essence is one of hosting, sharing, enjoying, belonging, and showing up for what the world of music has to offer. All that translates into the band's songs, brought together by the musicians and their fiery performances. 

The band’s debut record “Orale Pues” was released January 29, 2016. The band is led by bassist and songwriter Michael Cerda, formerly of El Desayuno, Big Breakfast and The Names. He’s also played a major role in the music-tech scene with his work on music and live at Facebook, music videos at Vevo and artist pages and events at Myspace. His original melodies and hooks combined with Latin rhythms provide an original and articulate sound. This sound was recently taken to a new level with trombonist and arranger Doug Beavers. The duo wrote and arranged the band’s latest record “Pop”, due out May 17, 2019.

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