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Nobuki Takamen Trio, Jazz Brunch

Nobuki Takamen Trio, Jazz Brunch

Two shows
11:30am show
1:30pm show
Brunch included in ticket
Note that children under 5 are free

11:30am Doors

Two performances
12pm show
1:30pm show
Brunch included in ticket
Nobuki Takamen Trio
Nobuki Takamen-guitar
Noel Sagerman - drums
Yasushi Gonjo - bass

If you missed the recent Blue Note performance here’s your oppportunity so see the trio in Jersey City.  From All About Jazz -

“Nobuki Takamen is, in all probability, the best jazz guitarist Japan has ever produced. Nowadays he lives in New Jersey but tours his homeland regularly. His playing is marked by good taste and sensitivity. He is a highly inventive guitarist, his runs and progressions never quite going where you expect them to go but always making perfect sense.

He doesn't overburden his playing with technique, staying accessible to a wide range of listeners. He names his influences as Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Pat Martino, George Van Eps, Jimi Hendrix and—somewhat strangely—Akira Takasaki, of the Japanese glam rock band Loudness”.

All About Jazz October 2018

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